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Fiscal Fitness

If math class should teach anything to every single student, it is how to handle money.

Fiscal Manual

You would think people would put money away for safe keeping as automatically as the freshly-hatched sea turtle starts scrambling for the safety of the water to escape predators. Humans, however, are the opposite. As soon as they get their first paycheck, many start running toward the predators and yell, "Here I am! Come and get me!" Dupe-born-every-minute may even use profanity, unknowingly cursing their luck of avoiding being devoured by the jaws of debt.

My Fiscal Fitness manual is about how to save money, and how to use the money you save to invest, thereby making more money*. Some of page three is below. Three mathematical ratios are also included in the manual. They help determine whether the company looks like a good investment. Neither the companies themselves nor the investment professionals provide these ratios, but they can easily and quickly be calculated from a few numbers provided in the financial section of the company on most stock market websites. Colleges compare numbers when deciding on admissions. Consumers compare numbers when deciding on a car purchase. Wouldn't it be great for a person to know how to use a few percentages in order to become financially independent?
*No investment is guaranteed to make money.