Learn 1 Year of Math in 30 Days! using SoLoco Math

“Crazy enough to work!”

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“You gotta be kiddin' me!”

It is no joke.

“Not possible!”

It is easily possible. I have been teaching math for 15 years, and I have had double-digit increases in the percent of students scoring well on standardized state test. And that is without giving ANY homework! television

“Why isn't it being done everywhere?”

Because it is cheaper, in the short term, to blame teachers, parents, and students. How would you like to find out many of the millions of dollars in books your state has purchased are best used for only the brightest students (a tiny percent of your total number of students)? All the other students are labeled...(you fill in the blank). Over the long term, we all lose with this strategy of choosing to avoid dealing with the fact so many math books seem trapped in this paradigm.
Also, the following is on one giant international corporation's web page concerning grants: "TEXTBOOKS WILL NOT BE FUNDED."
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“Do I have to already be super strong in math to use Learn 1 Year of Math in 30 Days?”

No. It can be used by:
  • Elementary to middle school students
  • High school students who need to catch up
  • Post high school students who need a math refresher course
Neither student nor even the teacher has to be great at math because the LAYOUT's great.

“How does it work so quickly?”

SoLoco Math is one crazy math concept (solo loco). Not crazy in the negative sense, but rather, a different approach than conventional. For one thing, the student does not require a great teacher since the math concept is NOT laid out in the “rules that must be memorized” manner. So the student can become a great math student working by herself -- solo. What makes it possible for students to work alone is by taking the guess work out of when to add, subtract, multiply, or divide. If the problem is on the same page, then the same operation is used to solve each problem -- loco. It is crazy that math problems were not laid out this way a looong time ago.More on how it works.

“It only cost about a dollar a day for 30 days? What's the catch?”

There is no catch. It is math presented a different way and understood right away, however, it does not work through osmosis: being in the same room with the book does not make a person good at math. About 3 days after having taken one HOUR to solve the problems on one page, a student can usually solve the same type problems, but with different numbers, in five MINUTES. It actually works like this: Begin solving problems instantly. Learn. Solve more. Learn more. Keep solving. Keep learning. Learn 1 Year of Math in 30 Days!

“I am ready to buy now.”

Great! ordering