Learn 1 Year of Math in 30 Days!

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... shows WHEN to add, or subtract, or multiply, or divide!

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The Young Person's Kick Start to Fiscal Fitness©

With Noble's Columns©, a student can quickly make a crib sheet of multiplication tables without knowing how to multiply OR even add!

Fiscal Manual

Anyone can gain the confidence to make his or her own stock picks by using The Young Person's Kick Start to Fiscal Fitness© three simple ratio equations (and the Price to Earnings Ratio is NOT one of them)!


“You gotta be kiddin' me! And only $39.99?”

It is no joke. How long does it take a child to say words in two languages when introduced to the concept at an early age?
The reason older students have trouble with variables (“Why are there letters with numbers?”) is because they are not introduced at the same time as the numbers.

I show young learners right away that 5 + 3 = 8, 5w + 3w = 8w, 7 - 7 = 0, 7h - 7h = 0, and 12y³ ÷ 3y = 4y² (learning rules for exponents BEFORE graduating from elementary school).


“Not possible! And just $39.99?”

It is easily possible. I have been teaching math for 15 years, and I have had double-digit increases in the percent of students scoring well on standardized state test. And that is without giving ANY homework! television

One of the main reasons for this success is because at the same time students are learning simple multiplication, such as 7 times 4, they are learning to answer typical standardized test questions such as: How many different outfits can be made from 7 blouses and 4 skirts?

Yep. It's 7 times 4 = 28 different outfits.

“Why do your students find math to be so easy, while most students see math as difficult?”

Because I SHOW its ease, while many others still present math problems the way they have been shown for decades...and continuing to blame test results on the student (Oh, math is just difficult to understand) rather than the presentation (THAT is what actually makes math difficult to understand). And do not mix up the presentation with the PRESENTER. Teachers are not paid nearly enough to create their own math books.

My presentation on correct decimal point placement has students focus on the fact the number of digits to the right of the decimal in the answer depends on the number of digits to the right of the decimal in the original problem= 314 times 2, 31.4 times 2, 3.14 times 2, 31.4 times 0.2

Answers= 628, 62.8, 6.28, and again 6.28. When the numbers must be the same, students concentrate on decimal point placement, which is our primary objective, rather than have their focus misdirected to the multiplication tables, which is what happens when different digits are involved.
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“Do I have to already be super strong in math to use Learn 1 Year of Math in 30 Days?”

No. It can be used by:
  • Elementary to middle school students
  • High school students who need to catch up
  • Post high school students who need a math refresher course
Neither student nor even the teacher has to be great at math because the LAYOUT's great.

“How does it work so quickly?”

Quadnimetry TM, was created to take advantage of the fact numbers are either added, subtracted, multiplied or divided (the four operations -- Quad). The evenness of mind -- equanimity -- is because all four operations are equally important, and the student does NOT require a great teacher since the math concept is NOT laid out in the “rules that must be memorized” manner. That means an individual can become a great math student working by herself. What makes it possible for students to work alone is by taking the guess work out of when to add, subtract, multiply, or divide. If the problem is on the same page, and since there are only four types of pages (quad), then the same operation is used to solve each problem on that page.More on how it works.

“It only cost about a dollar a day for 30 days? $39.99?What's the catch?”

There is no catch. It is math presented a different way and understood right away, however, it does not work through osmosis: being in the same room with the book does not make a person good at math. About 3 days after having taken one HOUR to solve the problems on one page, a student can usually solve the same type problems, but with different numbers, in five MINUTES. It actually works like this: Begin solving problems instantly. Learn. Solve more. Learn more. Keep solving. Keep learning. Learn 1 Year of Math in 30 Days!

“I am ready to buy now for only $39.99.”

Great! ordering